The Cracks

Stay Away From Negative People They Have A Problem For Every Solution.


In the cracks of life, there can be amazing growth.

Be open to the moments that challenge you.

Be aware of the moments that change you.

Be open to the seasons that move you.

Often the most unexpected things bloom when you,

Open your heart to feel more.

Open your eyes to see more.

Open your mind to know more.

Open your soul to connect more.

The beauty in every day comes in so many ways.

There will be a crack here and there, will you look at it as if it’s broken or is it a place you can open?

Open up the cracks of life and let new growth fill it with insight.

Insight blooms and fills our lives with the greatness that moves our hearts and minds.

Often at the top of the peak is right past the moment we feel our knees are weak.

Keep going and never stop, your true strength is persevering to the top.

When a crack seems wide open and hard to fill, keep planting seeds the space will soon be a beautifully planted place to heal.

The lessons in life fill the cracks, the spaces the places the hearts we contact.

When you’re drawn to something that inspires your soul, when your connected and feel the pull, look at the lessons that have bloomed for you, will you walk the path its lead you to?

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