We don’t meet people by accident.They are meant to cross our path for a reason.

Every person is put in your life for a reason.

Some are put there to shape your corners.

Some are there just as an informer.

Some are there to sand down the edges.

Some are there to show you light.

Some are there to mentor you through wrong and right.

Some are there to love you.

Some are there to teach you.

Some are there to show you there is more.

Some people help open your life.

Others help close it.

Some will hurt you and leave the pain.

Some will show you how to let go in the rain.

Some will hold you and embrace you close.

Some will tell you to hold on and you’ll have to trust them the most.

Some will grab your hand and walk with you.

Some will look at you and read you.

Some with walk past you and leave you.

Some will look back and reach for you.

Some will walk next to you and share with you.

Some with walk behind you and push you.

Some will try to carry you when they feel they need to.

Some will grab you, hold you and never let go of you.

Some will show you, share with you, and learn from you.

Someone will touch your life in a way that will impact how you see the day.

That someone is also you, how will you share yourself too?

Sunshine on the moments of life, the best moments are shared with someone that’s nice.

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