A Roaring Heart Always Lives

Kerri Elizabeth

A roaring heart lives every moment with undone passion.

A bike does no good to say you have it and never ride it.

Nature is only there if you don’t get in it and see it, feel it, nurture your soul with it.

The sun simply shines if you don’t appreciate it, love it, think about it and bask in its beauty.

The ocean roars and its depth goes beyond what you can imagine, do you realize it’s there?

The mountains simply stand if you don’t stand with them and on them and devour their magnitude.

In our minds and hearts, all are
simply just there if we don’t open up the roaring passion of life in there.

Do you have sheets that have never been wrinkled up and shared with someone you love?

Do you have shoes that don’t get worn, who would love them or can you wear them just because?

Do you have clothes you can give away, that take up space you can use to play?

Do you have a yard you look at and never enjoy, what if you spent time in it with others joy?

Do you have a bed you have never jumped on and a pillow you have never thrown, did you know a great pillow fight adds time to your life you may not have known?

Do you have a list of friend’s numbers you never call; are they really your friends at all?

Do you have a car you have never taken your clothes off in, made love or kissed till your lips felt plump again?

Have you ever just laid on the floor and enjoyed the breeze coming in the door?

Do you ever just grab someone and dance and sing like life is fun and full of new and inspiring things?

When was the last time you ate dessert and didn’t worry about dinner or work?

Have you ever just danced in the kitchen and used spoons for a microphone and played and moved to a song you have written?

Are you enjoying your life, bringing smiles, changing lives and going the extra mile?

There is a time in every day to do something that unleashes your passion, reach out to a friend expect nothing back in the end.

Live with love, give with love, everything is meant for your journey, it may feel good, it may feel bad, but everything goes by the way it should.

Does some of this sound crazy to you, have you curled up and worried too much what others think and forgotten that you have a list of things you wish you would do and not just think?

Your list may be different than mine, but what are you missing in life that gives you the passionate feeling of living out loud and not just in your mind?

 A roaring heart will never stop the beat, open up the passion, have you pushed YOU aside and let you simply miss the ride?


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