Make it Matter

Dream Big Start Small Act Now!

Robin Sharma

No matter how hard it is if that’s what you want, you have to go through the journey to get there.

No matter what the weather is, be thankful for it, it will come and go again and again.

No matter how far you have to reach, keep reaching.

No matter how many squats you have to do to get that a@@, keep squatting.

No matter how many times you have to do a sprint to become a better runner, keep sprinting.

No matter how long it takes to become faster on that bike, keep riding.

No matter how many times you want to quit, that won’t FIT!

When you want to lie in bed instead of get ahead, that’s where you will have an argument in your head.

When you want something more, more has to be bigger than what was before.

Clarify your vision, write with precision.

Organize the life inside, your mind and heart and soul will guide.

When you organize the life inside, then organizing the life outside becomes easier to not put aside.

The passion inside will fuel the drive.

Passion for where you’re going has to be fueled and flowing.

When you want to stop, look at yourself and have an honest heart talk to help.

The pain of not living your dreams is far worse than the rejections and pains to experience your worth.

You’re worthy of all your dreams, living and loving and giving is better than waiting, and trying and sitting.

If you want to travel far, then you have to raise the bar.

If you want to give to others, first you must give to you.

If you want to give love, you first have to be love.

If you want to be a friend, you first must be a friend.

If you want to live a dream, you first have to dream.

If you want to know you can, then doing it is the plan.

Every day make a way, step by step, one foot ahead, little or big, keep digging in, you will get there if you keep the pace, never give up on the dreams you want in place.

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