Live In Love

Love is the way you choose to live, to be, to see, to experience within.

Kerri Elizabeth

Love is as an intertwined passion of existence.

How will you show up today?

What will you decide about your day?

I will love like today is the last day I have.

To love and laugh every day as if it’s the best day I’ve ever had.

I will love every day with expanding energy to experience more.

I will love from head to toe.

I will experience a love that knows.

I will grow with love and make love till love is all there is.

I will be love, see love, show love, experience love.

I want love to laugh with me, see me, share with me, know me and to believe in me.

I want love to embrace the difference in me, the excitement to live, the space I need to move, and the pace I need to choose.

I want love to stand on a mountain with me, to climb new heights to share the light.

I want love to pick me up off the ground to carry me around, to be excited we were found.

I want love to jump up and down and let go of what holds us bound?

I want love to see clearly and shake off nearly.

When love comes together with the freedom to be you and me, then love can take you where you may never have seen.

I am LOVE and LOVE is what I see, LOVE is the freedom to be YOU and ME.

Love is life, a living of who you are, and letting others be exactly where they are no matter how far.

Life is a love that offers you more, it serves you and deserves you, love it all, and answer the call.

Love is dancing under the moon.

Love is singing in the rain.

Love is walking barefoot in the sand, toes and heals leaving footprints like music in a band.

Love is pure and raw beauty from the inside-out, you feel it, it changes you without a doubt.

Love is standing through a storm and not allowing love to get torn.

Love is the sunset and sunrise even in the snow, love has seasons you know.

Love is where you live, love never goes unless you choose to let love go.

Love is inside of you to give, share it, be it, live it, believe in it.

Love is truly who you are when you live, whatever you choose love to be is what kind of love you will see.


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