You Really Can Move a Mountain


You can move mountains when you decide and you can move them in the ocean or keep them inside, 

Kerri Elizabeth

A mountain calling me.

Everywhere I go right now there is a mountain calling me to climb.

I don’t wonder why the feeling is real, I recognize the moment is to reveal.

Reveal my heart; reveal my soul, to let my thoughts go.

To respect my life, the gracious place that I have been blessed to embrace.

When I am called to a mountain, there is a mountain ready to talk, to hold me up, to set me still, to open my heart and to feel.

So many times in life, there is a moment that calls you somewhere, do you listen to the call or are there too many reasons you could fall?

Is it too far away, is it too hard to say, do you need to think about it more, will it be later or at all?

Do you think the feeling away, do you wait until another day?

What keeps you from the present calling, do you have responsibilities and others to see, is the decision yours to open doors?

Does following “A moment” for you mean you have to take it past more than a few?

Can you trust yourself to make a decision without anyone else?

Can you let the feeling that it may not go your way, be the very feeling that takes it away?

I walked along the way feeling called to my day; I took moments to pray and had other conversations along my way.

When I looked up ahead there was a mountain in my way, it sat in front of the sunset I was watching this day.

I love to chase sunsets and see them anywhere I go, they call me to stop and then to let it all go.

I noticed as the mountain looked at first in my way, the sun was going down direction behind it as if to  to say, this one is for you, now means don’t delay.

The mountain isn’t in my way; the mountain is a feeling guiding my way.

It was like a movie playing in front of me, that mountain was the feeling and the sunshine was my soul, my heart was showing me, I’m safe to let go.

Oh yes I see, the mountain was inside of me, the calling was clear.

The mountain and the ocean together with the sun played a beautifully designed movie, an award winning one.

The movie is NOW, not a calling later or somehow.

NOW is what I have and NOW is my choice to live, NOW be the moment you have to give.


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