Keep Your Eyes On The Light

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Take in the light and be aware of  any darkness that may sneak in, the light is your armour keep it within.

Kerri Elizabeth

Every moment matters.

Yes every moment matters.

Do not miss this moment worrying about a moment that hasn’t happened yet.

Every moment you worry about what’s ahead you lose what is now.

Take in every moment and what is in it.

Are you thinking about what you are doing or what someone else is doing?

Are you taking in what serves your healing and your heart?

Are you searching for how to change someone else’s heart, or staying present in your part?

Are you reaching for a solution that is in the hands of someone else forgetting we can only change ourselves?

Our thoughts are purely our own, no matter what happens to us, the thoughts we have come from within us.

Are you taking on your own pain or have you been submerged in another’s pain and can’t understand why it still remains?

When we take on another’s pain we can’t change it, it’s only pain we can let go of, it didn’t belong to us when we decided to own it.

The same with joy and happiness, with giggles and laughs and hugs attached, it’s contagious and we take it on, we own it and it gives us the strength to go on.

We have to keep the flow of greatness coming in; it’s the energy that builds us within.

What is most important is to learn to let go where we have no control.

To let in what helps us grow.


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