Be Brave with your wisdom or it simply is just a decision.

Kerri Elizabeth

In the face of a journey in life, you must know when to open our eyes.

Often we learn the lesson and then we get the opportunity to test our strength and make an impression.

When you train for life it is like training for an event, you must be ready to re-invent.

One day you can go the distance and the next you beat your time, then you must evaluate and be ready for a new climb.

You will hit a wall and you’ll have to climb, often struggling without a clear and concise sign.

You will have to risk, push and learn, you won’t grow if keep going back to the same turn.

It is when your up against what you think is your new limit where you have the opportunity to show you can win it.

Apply the lessons you worked so hard to overcome, don’t forget the journey, you weren’t meant to come un-done.

Don’t forget the struggle, what was important and what really mattered, it was the pain you endured, the feelings you felt, the lessons you learned and the determination from what was dealt.

Don’t stop believing, reaching and giving,  remember where you came from and what you’re receiving.

Listen to your heartbeat and the pattern of your breathing, close your eyes and feel the distance close in and not leaving.

When your eyes are closed what do you see?

What do you feel and what does your heart reveal?

Can you risk knowing that you empowered your own life, when you are now set up to take your own advice?

Will you climb to the top to see over or will you stop and go back to what you just got over?

Will you trust that the other side will bring more altitude and challenge your attitude and allow more gratitude?

Stand in this space and breathe in perspective.

Reflect on your journey, your purpose and place.

Be true to the lessons you took the time to embrace.

Sunshine in believing that there is a gift of giving and receiving in this moment of rest and perceiving.

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  1. What do you feel? What will your heart reveal? Be true to the lessons you took the time to embrace! A moment to reflect, evaluate, decide and move forward. I’m listening! Good stuff!

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