Miles of Moments

Moments can last forever and moments can stretch for miles, be present in each moment and each moment will be present with you.

Kerri Elizabeth

A journey of the heart.

Miles of moments.

Thoughts creating movement.

Movements creating inspiration.

Inspiration creating a fierce passion for living your best life.

Living creates moments of knowing.

Knowing gives clarity.

Clarity gives calmness.

I found calmness in trusting my spirit.

I found encouragement in inspiration.

I found movement in the calling of my heart.

I found courage when I laid down fear.

I found freedom when I looked at life as my best friend.

I found out I was love when I grabbed a hold of what was above.

I found peace learning how to breathe.

I found sunshine is everywhere you go.

I found out not everyone knows.

I found that in every person there is a story.

I found that in every story there is a person.

I found out that no matter where I go, there I am so I better let go.

Take the time to breathe.

Take the time to believe.

Take the time to feel calmness.

Take time to be encouraged.

Take the time to let go.

Take the time to know.

Take the time to let your heart grow.

Take time for your mind.

Take time for your spirit.

Take the time to give greatness.

Take the time to receive greatness.

Take the time to reach the depth of your calling.

Sunshine comes from the inside out, shine it and let it out!

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