The cost of not following your heart is spending the rest of your life wishing you had.

Soul inspired.

Heart required.

Captured by a feeling.

Separated by distance.

Hope carried me to a place.

Free will now determines this new space.

No matter what the outcome is did you follow your heart there?

Pulled in a direction I had to go.

An internal pull and connection I wanted to know.

Sunsets along the way.

Sunrises to start the day.

The mountains seemed as if they could talk, guiding me along the way.

Roads curving, mountains grabbing the roads as if they pushed and pulled them in the path they laid.

The miles of open land that most never see was just waiting to be appreciated by more than just me.

The moon on Montana was as if it was set there to stay, it felt as if I could touch it and climb on it to play.

The rivers seemed to bend and break for miles on end, leaving thoughts of how the snow so sweetly shared to extend.

My soul was touched by the beautiful space.

What would I learn from this new place?

I learned that I can take a chance and let go of fear.

I learned that God is always near.

I learned that no matter what you feel, you’re responsible for all that you decide to reveal.

I learned that no matter what you see, you’re responsible for how you choose to be.

I learned that no matter where you are in your life, experience and change is good advice.

I learned that you will meet people along your journey, they will impact you and move you, give you hope and approve of you.

I learned that no matter what is approved, the deepest emotion is how far you were moved.

The depth of the journey is different for us all; the most important part is where did it leave you so far?

What will you learn, did you grow, how will it impact your life as you go?

Will it guide you to a new starting place or will it simply be a journey to a better place?

How will you perceive the path given?

Live out loud for your best, don’t ever let anyone tell you less.

Believe in more, reach without limits, love without expectations and live with all your might and give with all that’s right.

Be still when you need to be still, heal when you need to heal, listen to the voice inside and be thankful to your guiding light.

Shining only the best in your heart, change lives as you go and live intertwined within the glow.

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