When You Decide

Light your fire with your desire.

Lenny Evans

When you love all in, love comes back full spin.

When you smile all the way, it pushes sadness out of the way.

When you give a kind word, it reflects from the heart and will be heard.

When you make a decision, stick to it, stand your ground and be what moves it.

Stand with a great posture, live with great strength.

Let every word you say breathe only greatness today.

Let the hurt go by, don’t ask why.

You were given the right to be all that you choose.

You were given the right to live past old news.

We are blessed to our core to feel all that we can.

Choose the best feeling, it’s yours quit questioning when.

Remember where you live and who you are, it’s important to not get caught up in someone else’s scars.

Let your scars be only an old path that leads you to more of the world to impact.

Give all you have in all that you do and never give up in anything that’s true.

When you hear a voice that gives you a smile, reach out more and close in the miles.

Distance is only a temporary space for anything that’s worth it; you’ll find the right pace.

The journey in life is all about growing, learning and moving and doing and going.

If you sit idle for nothing more, then that’s what you’ll find, the same open doors.

Take chances in life if you feel something nice, the only thing that can happen is you win, learn or change direction and sight.

Through every open door is a lesson for more.

Pull off the locks and throw away the keys; what is inside of you is waiting to be part of what you choose.

Your head and your heart don’t live far apart, close in the gap and let them live closely not far apart.

Believe that when someone tells you you’re great, that inside the answer radiates the changes and growth you have made.

Every day we have a chance to grow more, say thank you and receive the greatness at your door.

Open the door wide, look outside, the world is waiting for you to arrive.

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