Move Your Feet

Dance and then dance some more, lose yourself and find yourself on a dance floor.

Kerri Elizabeth

Life is a dance, you move your feet and figure it out.

When you move your feet to the sound of the beat, something inside wants it to repeat.

Let your heart feel the vibration and make a change in your step.

No matter what you’re doing there is a dance to be done.

Lay down any chaos, disorder and guilt, make room for movement, smiles will be built.

Let your inner beat reach not retreat.

Be excited about the dance and dance till you drop.

Life is a dance will you dance with the beat or will you sit on the side in a seat?

Live on purpose, know your intention, and feel delighted in everything you mention.

Be inspired by others, fill each other with wonder.

Live everything you do with your best health and prosperity too.

Step forward, move your hips, let your heartbeat fill with bliss.

The minute your feet touch the floor you are empowered to do so much more.

Turn the music on loud, drive with the windows down, sing at the top of your lungs, completely let go and have some fun.

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