Will You Believe?

Sometimes the hardest things and the right things are the same things.


Every encounter is a gift, every pain can uplift.

When every pain can be seen as a gift you learn the depth of your heart was kissed.

In the uncertainty of a break down there is always a breakthrough.

In the quietness of your day, there will be moments you’re not sure will go away.

In other moments you will hang on tight, they will fill you with intense insight.

Take in the feeling and the moment; grasp the face, the joy and every component.

The place is set, the reason is there, will you push it away or be prepared?

To be alone is really to say, I have time to let go and not be afraid.

To take time to reach your best place in life, it takes more than just good advice.

It takes heart and soul and everything in between to stand together and see what you can bring.

Bring your best, your absolute best, never settle for anything less, never give less than your absolute best, life returns to you what you invest.

Love the differences in people and places, embrace the voices the smiles and the stages.

Light draws light and dark is trumped by sunshine and delight.

Anything is possible when you open the door, even a slight crack leads to the possibility of more.

Do you have French doors with windows or do you have a solid wood door with locks and no hinges?

We have the choice of what doors we open and what doors we close, we can put windows to see or a doorknob to turn or just touch, will you look out the window or open the door and trust?

Life is so full and ready for you, there are times and moments that you can choose.

Don’t limit the distance in anything; distance is simply a measurement, not everything.

Are you ready for more in your life, can you open the door and risk learning and living outrageously what is not now in sight?

Can you breathe in the possibility to perseverance that gives stability?

Believe in the dance and the moments that give you more chance, you have been gifted a divine advance.



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