Collect Moments

Collect Moment Not Things

How often do you challenge yourself?

Challenge yourself to stand the duration of a sunrise and sunset.

Walk a mile farther.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Run instead of a walk.

Ride a bike instead of a drive.

Eat raw foods instead of cooked foods.

Create a rainbow of colors in your food that are alive and bring you joy.

Clean out a room and leave only what you enjoy.

Be spontaneous now and then, go where you have never been.

Have you ever just stopped and listened to a river full of frogs, at midnight in a park?

Have you ever stood still by a pond looking and talking to two swans?

The deepest craziest most amazing energy is reached when you have the tenacity and tenacious spontaneous ability to say yes before you imagine why you would say no.

Say yes and then figure it out, say yes and figure out how.

 Never say no to an opportunity that will fulfill your deepest desires and dreams if you don’t know how take the time to learn now.

What story keeps you stuck, are you living and breathing with limitless belief?

Whatever you dream of for your life is clearly written and ready to thrive.

Have you set your own heart aside for the life of someone else that deserves to experience and feel what you may be covering for them inside?

Everyone has their perfect place, where you’re at is where you need to be, to get to the next place, you’ll see.

Feel what’s real!

Sunshine all the time!

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