Mother’s Love


A mother’s love is forever.

A mother is an indescribable gift.

Being a mother is where life turns into joy, love, happiness, excitement and so many other amazing feelings I believe there is no language for, it’s felt through the heart.

Being a mother has been the most amazing journey of my life.

I dreamed as a little girl to be a mom one day, it was my number one dream and a dream it was.

I wanted 4 children and that is exactly what I have, they are all a part of me everywhere they go and they show me every day what wonderful hearts and souls they unfold.

I can see there smiles no matter how far away I am.

I can see there animated characters living life as if life was freedom and I found out it is.

Oh to be a child, they have taught me so much.

They taught me to stop and see things no one else could see.

They taught me to let go when everyone else was taking hold.

They taught me to be so strong, when times were tough there was no way I would be anything but POWERFUL and PROTECTIVE of all of us.

They loved me when I made mistakes, they followed me to every escape.

It seemed I never ate a meal without tiny hands trying to steal.

They laughed until they cried all the time, they danced and sang along to every song.

These kids showed me how to be still, how to listen and how to chill.

They taught me to love and to let love in, they showed me no matter what our love together ALWAYS WINS.

We traveled to the biggest puddles, the rivers, the lakes and got into trouble without any mistakes.

We were always spontaneous, on the go, we never stopped living and no one ever said, “ I’m bored!”

I ended up in classes watching every move, I was protective and fierce and they learned to MOVE.

They knew when they were in trouble and they knew what to do and it when it came to rebellion, they shared that with me too.

I love my children more than words will ever describe, I love every moment even the ones I thought I would never survive.

They are the blessing I know GOD gave me to save me from my own selfish behaving.

I learned how to be the best I can through every second of this life they blessed me in.

Thank you to all my children and to my mother that loved me through every day of my life no matter what I dealt her in love and strife.

Thank you for all I am, you 4 children are my heart forever and again.

To my mom thank you for giving me the life I have in me, you taught me so much and I know it and can see it within you and me.

To my grandmother that taught me to shine, she never let go of loving me to the end of her time.

Also to Becky Bergstrom a woman that taught me so much about how to be a mother and how to love and laugh when life seemed chaotic and tough.  I miss your wise words and your smile and heart, you gave me so much to learn and grow and I think about you always along my journey’s road.

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