I love you for every moment and experience you have ever had, it created this moment I would have never had.

Love every moment and experience you have, leave judgement and delusion it brings about the confusion.

Kerri Elizabeth

When you are love, love is you and love is with you and love comes for you, there is no escaping that love is around you, for you and all about you.

Cheek to cheek and heart to heart, the gravity of the experience will seduce the heart,  mind and soul take on the challenge, will you fight it or breathe it, love it or leave it, share it or hide it, be with it and see it?

There’s  no time in between to ever fear the epic nature is made very clear.

Friends along the way change life in a glance, the inner glow shined far in advance.

Intense moments of growth, inner lights flashing like flood lights protecting and showing the way saying,'” I’m in front of you, touch me, let me be a part of your every day.”

There were no detours off this course, every moment was exactly where we were supposed to be, no force.

The sky shows stars like never before, never denying its perfect place, that star was pure and simply put in that time and space.

There were 4 wheels and a light, spokes and power, what moved those things were the inner desire.

A labyrinth with bare feet and letting go in the sun and feeling the heat.

 Following each step with a turn of the head, change is occurring inside with not a word said, with every step you’re moving ahead.

 This was just the starting of what was soon to become, intense and trusting times leading to more letting go and having fun.

The moments never stopped, not for a second, hills and rivers and sand and flowers, the air the energy the riding for miles.

 The heart is pumping; lungs are breathing, abs so tight from laughing and feeling.

The key in letting go and allowing and accepting what is now is exactly what is supposed to be happening.

The spirit of nature and all of its glory shot deep inside with sudden and intense passionate fury.

The heart races with anticipation, the body gives in and the mind knows, preparation from this life, it finally shows.

Every part of your life is a clear path, every moment and experience happened just for you, love it at last.

Don’t miss it, don’t deny it, let go and invite it, be part of it, feel it, desire it and grab hold of it.

When open is where you have no doors and happiness is yours, vision and precision become a decision.

Your walk will change, your mind rearranged, all you know and all you learned come together at this turn.

Fear is not there, all falls in place, every moment of life was there to embrace, and it was set as a gift every second of time, every experience and moment lead you to this depth you were meant to find.

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