Listen to the Heart

When you listen to someone talk, do you hear the voice or heart?

Being heard is the answer to so many things, you have the answer inside of you, and if you’re heard the answer will surround you.

We can talk in circles, talk with power, we can talk in excitement, we can talk to educate, we can talk from now till eternity when were heard we find certainty.

When you are intently heard, what you want to say and not just what others yearn you’ll find the words that flow out from deep inside, the answer to your own life is now yours to find.

Your words will shift, your thoughts come and go, you are the miracle for your deepest feelings you know.

When you take the time for you to feel the deepest part of where you heal, now you can open up a much deeper way to yield.

You already have all you need, it’s the moment of space and place, who is there to hear you talk, to listen to you work through the depth of where you have walked?

When you take the time to feel the heart when someone talks, you’ll see inside their hiding place and find the person they push aside for the race.

Everyone has a place inside their working through to feel the most alive and heal.

When we can listen we gift ahead an opportunity for others to find their best place to move where they are lead.

Sometimes you are put in place for someone else to embrace the power of their own place.

You are everything you need to go far, you are all you have experienced so far, take it all in, let go of what has been and grow to where you want to win.

Be a reflection of a guiding place for another soul to find their place.

Your words are the body to the experiences and feelings inside you just like your body is a house for all you choose let go of, change or let find you.

Be ready to hear your own words and when you are the listener let go of you; make it a place for the other to grow too.

When you are talking and being heard, be thankful for the opportunity of what is inside you to learn.

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