Pain and A Puzzle

A setback is only a setup for a comeback.

Willie Jollie


A  journey through pain.

Take a breath, feel it fill your abdomen.

Let your lungs come alive, feel the air every time.

Pain sets in as a reminder to stop, look and listen.

Pain is a warning, give yourself the time, go where you can recline, be loving and kind.

Take care of your heart, your body and your mind and all that carries the beauty intertwined.

Let go of expectations, pleasing others and conflict, allow your heart to beat with time, feeling it all going out with every climb.

Let every day show the way, staying present in the healing, not missing it, not pushing it, feeling it and letting go of it.

When a setback grasps you tight, every feeling rushes in and wants to fight.

Healing is in the breathing, the remembering the believing, the moments your strength grew, the days you certainly knew.

Healing is in the love you give yourself and the love poured out where you invested in someone else.

Healing is a safe place you find where peace surrounds you and faces remind you, and love is poured into you and the wind blows around you, and the sunshine heals you and nature can feel you.

Set your feet on the earth, take your shoes off,  be heart ready, soul listening, knowledge soaked deep into the mind, the love of nature never ever resigns.

Birds singing songs, a waterfall vibrating calm, the sky is so blue, the mountains surrounding with safety speaking, “I got you, don’t worry, you’ll be up again soon!”

When you come to a physical stop, the emotional journey can reign at the top, let it heal, let it feel, let it know, let it grow, your about to see the wonderful way your body lets it all come together and feel whole.

Sometimes pieces get left behind and we search and search not realizing that the piece left behind was the very piece that was the one we searched to find.

All of our life’s experiences can be seen as part of a puzzle, when we can put it all together and see the beauty in how it unfolds, when you let the pieces come together and there are no holes, a new puzzle can now start, the next phase takes hold.

It’s amazing to me how pieces get left, lost and buried behind and how life’s journey will remind you where you left, tried to lose and buried them inside.

Show up for your pain, your happiness, your joy, show up for the moments that seem too hard to enjoy, let love , let forgiveness take a hold, let go while you love it and let it unfold.

The air is so clear on the other side when you decide to let forgiveness heal you from the inside.

“Raise” of Sunshine, let it take you to new heights and depths.

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