Kissed By A Frog

On the path there will be obstacles of life that will shift your attention, what a blessing when you take the time to shine a light.

Kerri Elizabeth


In the mountains growing up near skiing, nature, hikes, mountain trail horses, cabins, two rivers, an outhouse,a woodstove, clean air and more.

Searching for the biggest frogs and the most tadpoles, walking miles into the woods and learning every flower, mushroom, tree, plant and animal, the adventure never ceased, nature was a teacher of peace.

One of the rivers roared with continual intensity, “White River” was its name and it was always murky and full of mystery, the caps were fierce and the speed always surprised anyone that decided to brave its power, often lost in the attempted challenge of nature vs. manpower.

The other one was called, “Green River”  amazingly beautiful, green, clear and calm, you could see every detail in the white caps as they tossed the moss from side to side and all around.

Seemingly effortless and in a certainly relaxed state, trusting it’s direction there was no debate.

An imagination was shaped, deep creativity was born and a never changing mad love for nature, adventure and appreciation in every storm.

The frog, oh the frog, the sound, the stillness, the captivating thoughts of the next move they will make and the power in the next jump it will take.

The music they play, the conversations they have, the late nights they share, the ponds they declare.

The echo’s through the night, the stars they sit under add light.

They seem to have no fear, enjoying life the way they were intended a lesson to draw near.

The sounds when there are thousands, the symphony played, leave a feeling you could stand among them and understand what they say.

Are they vulnerable when they jump away, do you see it this way?

Landing on a trail by themselves, it’s dark they aren’t expecting anyone else, they trust the place they take ownership of their space.

So small to my eye and in turn so large, to an insect they wait to capture and recharge.

They live with clear intent, singing along the way, they can be independent and share conversation without getting in each other’s way.

Take a moment to see that a kiss can be, a place a moment a lesson to receive.

Even a frog can teach you, that taking a moment to shine a light can change someone else’s insight.

Singing and being open to what is near, a journey to concise and clear.

Laughter and letting go being ready to embark.

 Jumping with confidence you will land clear even when it’s dark.

There is strength in the ability to adapt and take turns.

 To hold a hand and dance with someone to confirm, we exchange the lead to teach and affirm, we are always exactly where we need live and learn.

 Continue to land and look around, to feel the vibrations and the sounds.

Thankfulness and gratitude bring confidence and attitude to the altitude and dimension of our experience in magnitude.

Live out loud and listen,” Raise”, of Sunshine on this page, touching you with gravity and intense prayer, I love you here or there.

Even a frog can make a difference, so can you in this instance.

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