A Traveling Soul

Begin to see yourself as a soul with a body, rather than a body with a soul.

Wayne Dyer

Root of it

From deep inside the movement takes hold.

The traveling soul continues to unfold.

It’s in the walk

It’s in the talk

It’s in the sunshine

It’s in the sky

It’s in the stars

It’s in the mountains

It’s in the smiles

It’s in the noise

It’s in the healing

It’s in the storms

It’s in the rain

It’s in the rainbows

It’s in the soul and it continues to behold the empowerment of freedom, the healing in the body, the laughter in the moments, the smiles that light the way, the happiness given and also received, the cries from the pain, the joy in a day.

The reality is that every day begins and in every day there is a way, no matter what comes your way, to live, to love, to hug, to hold, to listen to share, to deeply care.

The reality is that we can run and hide and we can decide to live closed inside, we can also decide to live out loud and change lives along the way while learning about our own.

We can eat live foods, we can breathe fresh air, we can jump in a lake a river or an ocean, drive a new road and make delicious smelling essential oil potions, most importantly is to look around you and soak life in and experience the love that surrounds you, mmmmmmmmmm let the love in.

Cleanse your body, cleanse your soul, cleanse your heart, cleanse your space, cleanse your mind and your thoughts, turn your phone off now and then, unplug your TV, think and feel, don’t miss out on the life waiting to be revealed.

A traveling soul is constantly letting go, healing and growing and organizing space and learning new lessons to share and embrace.

The system is in place, it was perfectly structured, to live and appreciate you must not be afraid to see where the root of its growth slowed down and open the way for growth to be profound.

The formations are made through time and places, faces and experiences, feelings and stages.

They all show a pattern to embrace; the pieces go together let them all take their place, the foundation of the root system needs to be strong, the more it experiences and continues to grow the stronger the foundation of wisdom and knowledge to show.

When the formations are seen and the shapes take place you can ask every person what they see from their place and what you find is so profound, everyone sees from where they are found.

Encourage each other to grow where their found, life is a garden of everything around, feed it and water it, teach it and love it, embrace it and show it the best of you, ultimately it is each of you that make up the I and the ME and the YOU.

“Raise” of Sunshine from me to you and loving the journey to the I in the two.

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