The Intimate Details

When we see ourselves as a whole, the whole can be healed without a hole.

Kerri Elizabeth

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The intimate details are authentically yours, your choices, your thoughts, your movement, your feelings, your honor, your path and even resilience.

Authentically yours, ownership of all of you, your value, your commitment, your voice, your belief, your acceptance, your touch, your smile, your intuitive way you think.

There are events that happen in our life, we experience them, we live in them, we feel them, and we often get stuck in them, for a moment or for a while.

 The possibilities to move forward show up in our life, we can take them and accept the gift they give or we can resist and be full of what we choose to relive.

There is no question as to the authenticity of this experience; the question is our perception and the size we created it.

The capacity at which we grow is left to the room we allow ourselves to organize, let go, give away and allow the ebb and flow of the path least resisted instead of over control.

Life won’t stop with a simple thought, overwhelm and fear won’t make time disappear.

 Anger and hurt will grow inside the same as love and compassion will if you decide.

What will you choose your capacity to be, will you wait and wonder if you are as deep as the sea and drown in thoughts you have the right to set free?

Our bodies regenerate all the time, they do it whether you decide to accept or decline.

You have the chance to grow and regenerate every day; you have a choice to regenerate the thoughts and make them new or continue to brand the old to the new.

The regeneration is happening for you, you don’t have to buy it, or find it or give it a name, it is, it’s a gift , it’s for you and me, It’s free don’t take for granted what you can’t see.

The intimate details of our life’s experience are owned and changed and loved and accepted, left for later, protected and deflected.

Often an event or something that doesn’t feel good is seen as something that doesn’t serve us, wanting it to go away, for it to go back to what it was before it came.

 It’s the perfect sign that brings us to be aware of what isn’t serving us to take time and be aware, it is a beautiful reminder that healing is taking place that YOU are already where you need to be, accepting the place where you’re at is the only place you can move forward out of that.

Authentically present with our intimate feelings and thoughts, our mind and body are all one, sharing one without the other is giving you only part of yourself.

A connection of our mind and body as one remind our soul that we have just begun, this new starting place is invigorating and free, now ultimate healing is accepted in place of the doubt that creation of you as a whole needed to be found and made, it’s already done, it was given to you and by not accepting it, you let go of all of YOU.

Authentically and intimately love all of you, picking and choosing one part of the ocean earth and sky doesn’t separate the divine infinity of the connection given for each of YOU, one small change brings change to it all.

Healing and happiness, love and joy, sadness and pain, fear and rejoice, the connection is made as the ebb and flow, the least resisted path we can all choose to go.

“Raise” of Sunshine

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