Seal of Love


Walk with a purpose to find love in everything.

Kerri Elizabeth

You never know who will cross your path or will make a big impact.

Eyes open to the world around you; take time to see what surrounds you.

Grab a hand of someone near; give a hug to another one to close in the gap of fear.

Hold the hug for more than a gesture and let it be an impact forever.

A hug can settle a fear; it can bring safety to someone near.

This sweet little seal following me along the trail gave me love along my way, he didn’t ask me or wonder what I would have said; he gave it freely to me instead.

I walked along the trail seeing the beauty in every detail, the sun, the water, the heat, the rays, the ships, the mountains and the waves.

Stopping to feel the cool water and splash it on my face, I could feel the water dripping slowly down drawn back to where it was originally found.

Every drop from the ocean salty but clear, sent energy of life into the heat of the sunshine that appeared.

I could feel the open space the large world giving me hints of adventure to embrace.

While the seal was giving freely his undivided love, it showed me and reminded me what were all capable of.

Love is understanding, its trusting and not demanding, its giving without a price, its listening and not giving advice, it’s a heart action that moves you , it’s a feeling to be shared, it’s a gift that needs no repair, a place of no despair.

Love is letting go and giving what you know, love is letting go of what you may never know.

Listen to this small gesture of love, take it in and let it be a part of you, I’m giving it to you from everything I do.

I love you in every breath.

I’m letting go of anything that is in my way.

I’m sending you some energy, a whisper in your ear.

I’m sending you a hug and drawing you near.

In this very moment I pray you feel this love.

Its given to you freely with no expectation or assumption, just a pure wave of love sent over every ocean.


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