Presently Being Present


When you truly choose love nothing gets in your way, love becomes your way.

Kerri Elizabeth

Presently living and feeling love in my life.

The wind in my hair.

Music that makes me dance.

Taking a chance.

Running through the rivers on the fly.

Feeling the sand under my feet and seeing stars in the sky.

Jumping through the waves and loving the heat.

Letting waves take me to the shore.

Going back for more.

Beaches fuel the fun.

Laughter in the sun.

Smiles everywhere I go.

This moment is beautiful that I know.

 I love riding my bike in the wind and rain.

The unstoppable power of a moving train.

I can go on and on and on about the wonderful things I am appreciative and feel in my life.

When I think about all the moments that gather up my life, I also think of the people and all the good advice.

Gathering up the stories, making moments matter along the way, takes presently being present in every waking day.

Time to shut the computer down, set the phone to the side.

Be present and be intentional in all of the day.

Giving eye contact when you’re talking and listen to what you say.

Give room for others experiences they take part in your way.

We all grow together when love defines the day.

Speak love in every word, challenge yourself to listen so you can be heard.

Respond in love now, tomorrow is not yet found.

There are no guarantees of moments ahead to live, what you have NOW is the most precious time to give.

Share in the presence and make yours and their moment matter.

Love in all you do, see love is me and you.

Sunshine on love, true abundance and wealth comes from love itself.

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