Ponytails in the Sun


Letting Go Is Where Love Grows.

Kerri Elizabeth

The most beautiful sight to see, two ponytails were dancing in front of me.

She is three, she is free, and she has nothing but love to be.

Her smile and her dance left my heart beating out of me.

Her mom so beautiful, my eyes couldn’t believe what my heart and soul could see.

Never giving up is being in the trust, knowing everyday is the best day and love becomes your way.

Learning every day to let go along the way, has gifted me this moment in the most beautiful way.

Trust in every step you take, do your best in everything you do, love the big and small things and appreciate what you’re learning in everything you do.

Her radiance shined through the phone, her arm twirling her daughter hit home.

Once upon a time, that was my arm, twirling my little girl just like she was doing this time.

A heart can carry a heavy load and every person lets go in their own time I’m told.

So be patient and still while you feel, be pure love and joy along the way, over thinking the latter will simply overwhelm what matters.

Right now is what we have, be in it with all you have.

Smile, Love, Dance, Believe and Trust, when this is YOU, the energy used to, “try it”, instead of, “Be it “sets you free to, “live it” and “Be In It”.



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