Feelings or a Word


Words are our definition decided by each of us to put together a picture that changes with the sun, be open to the seasons of new feelings and words and know they are changing perception inside each and every one.

Kerri Elizabeth

I write these posts with my eyes closed so that I can feel my heartbeat, my mind quiet and my body’s choice of the way it will compose.

 I take a deep breath and allow whatever comes to the surface take shape in my sunshine escape.

Every feeling allowed, no resisting it, no wishing it away, just feeling it as it simply comes across the page.

For so many years, I held the feelings in, thinking I could change it, push it, protect it and never look at it.

Defining every change in my life now as the ever changing seasons, knowing it will change lead me to the appreciation of the reason.

Life is a journey, no matter what you do, its growing and changing and its part of me and you.

I realized when I resisted change I was pulled into a whirlpool exchange.

When I learned to let go I was pushed out of that type of flow.

Letting go of needing to know, letting go of wanting someone else to come or go.

Letting go of needing more and changing that to,”I am part of so much more”, lead me to a place I can give more.

Being open to receive was the next seemingly impossible thing, if I could just give everything for free, then I didn’t have a price tag that would justify me.

There is no price tag that can tell your worth that was the promise I learned from HIS birth.

I was hung up on the word money for so many years; thinking the more I had would solidify my worth.

When I was blessed with the truth of having none to my name, I realized with or without the word life was giving me exactly the perfect change.

Poor is simply a word as in love, money or worth, what has impacted me the most is that when we feel instead of define, it’s the feelings, not the words that truly are divine.

So this is one of my many lessons along my way, I hope it will help you too, you have all you need, money, love and worth,  all are the same energy YOU are the defining word.

Take away the words and you’ll feel the seasons change; there will be more of everything when you are the energy exchange.


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