Through My Child’s Eyes

The journey of life is seen beautifully through the eyes of a child and the voice of their heart when you learn that listening is the most amazing part!

Kerri Elizabeth

Here is a poem from my youngest daughter to me, she wrote this when it was time as a mother to let go and set my children free. To see life another way to experience and get through my empty nest place, to travel and embrace the powers of a journey of raising 4 children and the joy it gave and to take my turn in a new growing up phase.


You flew the storm with bravery and grace,

Always managed to have a smile on your face,

Though not close together

You’re still in my heart

For our mother-daughter bond could never break apart

We’re both spreading our wings,

Choosing our paths,

Mapping our dreams,

Filling all gaps,

So thank you for the push, for showing me the way,

You’re one of few that will never fade away.

So I want you to know,

No matter where life takes us,

Not even the biggest of storms could ever break us.


From me to my youngest child. (letters to come for the other three the impact they all make has shaped me.)

Every talk and every cry you show me so much about life through your eyes.

From the time you were born until today, you have taught me something every day.

Your honest tell it like it is heart and your courage to always get through it with a smile, the tears that not many see, I am blessed you always reveal to me.

Being best friends as well as mother and daughter, a trusting place we know we are never bothered.

 I love your feisty way you stand your ground with confidence no matter who is around.

Your siblings see their little sister, naive and often living in the clouds, on your time living your way, will she ever hurry up and do it fast so we can get going at last?

What I see is the gift you have to take the time you need for you and manage to get done exactly what you need to do.

You are such a beautiful soul, a heart of gold and a tough exterior you work hard to up hold.

Underneath that solid gold there is a butterfly breaking through that hold, she’s colorful and fun, wants to be free, from anyone telling her, be careful, you must see.

I see mighty wings growing on you, watch out life, she’s coming for you.

You get to choose your path, your life is yours, no matter where you go or what you do, no matter if you’re alone happy or blue, you own your life and you get to choose the path that is best for YOU.

Gratitude and grace are given to you, God made the way for you to go, he paved the world just so, for you to learn, for you to experience ,for you to decide where you are called, to show up in life and be bold.

Some will not like it, some will try to stop it, some will criticize it, some will shine light on it, some will try to dim it, some will try to throw fire in it, some will love it, some will encourage it, some will listen to it, and some will give their opinion of it.

All of these things help shape our character, they challenge us and push us, they show us and they teach us, it’s up to you how they pass you, and what they will teach you, it is up to you to allow what will move you or stay with you, what I know for sure is nothing can break you.

Before the day you were born I knew you would make an impact, yours was the name in lights in my dream, it was solid and real It spoke to me clear,  she will brighten the days and the nights, she will shine wherever she goes because she was made perfect in His sight.

I love the questions you courageously ask the depth of your desires and the dreams you have.

I love you my sweet daughter to the depth of my core, I love you my sweet daughter everyday even more and my capacity to love you continues to grow with every single moment we share together, telling secrets, sharing tears, laughing until we can’t even hear.

Thank you for being my youngest child, for teaching me to take my time, I learned while letting you go at your pace that life isn’t a race, this isn’t a dress rehearsal for a later show , live the way you choose to go.

 Smell the roses so many say, you showed me it’s also the path to the roses along the way.

I could of course carry on this letter for days with all of the ways you breathe life into me.

 I will continue for life to love you and meet you where you are and encourage your journey and listen to your hearts excitement for more.


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