Are You Right?

Most people do not listen with the intent to understand, they listen with the intent to reply.

Steven R. Covey


Are you right or are you loving right?

In the grand scheme of things would you argue and debate to be right or be a lover of listening and hearing and sharing your light?

Can you share your light and let it be only your right and let go from there so love doesn’t tear?

Is to be right what is really important to you, or is to be heard right sound intriguing too?

To continue a point you are passionate about until someone says, “yes you’re right”, is that the actual outcome you’re looking for by the end of the night?

What if we let go of the need for others to see we are right, what would you lose or possibly gain in trust to only one that remains?

What if being right wasn’t the ultimate goal and seeing the smile on someone’s face meant so much more?

Listening to the process of others learning, thinking and experiencing and being a part of doing is the beauty of offering and accepting what has created the right in you.

We weren’t born with all the knowledge we have today, we learned it, listened to it, experienced it, processed it, shared it, felt it, let it challenge us and shape us.

Each person is deserving of sharing their passion and knowledge, to give to receive to know we matter.

As we exchange ideas letting go of who’s right a place is created where,” Ultimate Love” is the only right.

 Receiving love in listening is a deep love given, it’s a gift no one forgets and a gift to be thankful when it’s given, left without regrets this love gives continued learning and living.

Is being right really hearing?

Is being right a place you grow?

Is being right really getting down to the core of what matters?

Is being right costing you more than you can afford?

What is your cost to being right?

Are you fighting to be loved and no one is listening and in turn not letting love in, to even begin, or is being right really where love ends and or begins?

So many questions and answers, there is only one that is right, could it be or you?

A valuable lesson from a heart to a heart, the question was asked in a time and a place, “What could I do to be a better mom”, I asked my son.

He answered me quite honestly without even a moment to spare, “Mom the only thing I would change, is that you would listen more the first time and not need to be right, just hear and sometimes let me feel I’m right.”

This hit hard, he was right, at what cost had I fought for my right to be his?

This was a teachable moment for me he wanted me to listen and to lovingly debate so he could find his place and his right, I finally heard it and got it that night.

No matter how right I thought I always was, what mattered most in this time was that his right was that being heard was being loved and I got it this time.

To be heard and to hear is a learning curve
; it’s our own voice and spirit that move inside processing all that has come through in time.

Does anyone know better than you exactly what you feel to be true?

Does anyone know better than you the experiences and perception inside of you?

What if all it took to be right was to listen and be heard so we could take flight?

What if what you processed from all of this was the journey to accept the conversation right?

Taking the time to understand and learn where someone else is concerned, gives more than standing so firm that you miss what may be your biggest lesson learned.

A little “raise” of sunshine to think about, let me know your right, the challenge to change and grow, to learn and to show, to have the empowerment to love and let go, I invite it, lets go!

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