Capturing Moments After a Long Eclipse

Awareness and presence are a gift you receive when your eclipse passes and your light is seen.

Kerri Elizabeth


The beauty

The light

The darkness

The sun

The moon

The stars

The ocean

The sea

The land

The trees

Let the beauty be felt in every breeze.

Reflect, see, feel, be, pray, meditate, laugh, cry, and raise your hands to the sky.

In everything there is always more, the infinite thoughts inside a sunset or sunrise, they can take you where ever you want to go with inspiration to explore.

There is no stopping the possibilities that lay in front or beyond the horizon, the infinite is awaiting for the awareness to awaken.

Stop and challenge your imagination, create possibilities where limits once were.

Create love where misunderstandings took hold.

Create joy where sadness once stayed.

Create laughter where a tear has stained.

Create healing where a heart was torn.

Create a hug that lives within even after the physical touch has left your skin.

The feelings are where it takes hold; the rest is a perception from the site we have controlled.

Create a way to move forward where you felt like hardship knocked you out.

Create deeper love where it seemed the surface could not be penetrated beyond doubt.

Open your thoughts to receive more where fear can not win anymore.

Challenge the sunset to another one, I promise that it never fails, every day it stays consistent, you can count on it with its pure persistence.

Living life without remembering you’re significant is like living in an eclipse you’ll see you are the participant.

Have you ever just driven and by habit you went the old way and realized you actually wanted to go a new way?

You had to turn back, you missed the exit, now your late and in a rush and realize you weren’t present or aware enough.

Action and presence are awareness and love.

Are you living your life in your own made up eclipse, perfectly designed for you to not have to emotionally exist?

Are you aware of your place your presence and your grace; are you living and learning with every embrace?

If faced without a title, a job and a home, without responsibilities and a place around you as a comfort zone, how would you manage the next phase, into the new unlimited possibilities maze?

Think about who you are without everything around you, let the eclipse move the past and not stay on you!

Shine brighter every day while you let go and be open to the eclipse passing exactly the way it is supposed to.

RAISE (not rays) SUNSHINE!

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