Capacity To Process


The capacity to process always starts where you are.

Being present where you are is always where you will learn to go far.

Be with the feeling of now.

What is the word or picture that describes your feeling NOW?

With no right or wrong way this is the place there is no delay.

With thoughts of the past or thoughts of the future, the important factor is being present with you the teacher.

To grow you must be willing to go, being pushed or shoved or made to move is like stretching a rubber band and then letting go unimproved.

Grab a hold of the lessons now, be steady and ready for the ones ahead, look back and thank the ones that were they gave you the strength to be steady and sure.

To receive the blessings of a new and improved way, be thankful for all that life has given you to this day.

When thankfulness and gratitude are missing the lessons ahead will bring you back to the beginning.

Building the capacity to stretch to new distances comes with the honor of accepting and loving instances, differences, and disturbances.

These are all there to awaken us, the choice to hit the snooze button is yours, what will you do today to build your capacity from yesterday?

The most beautiful part of being in charge of the removal, the keeping or the returning of what comes your way is the empowering strength you gain to realize you’re the one that holds the key to change.

When we share what makes us aware, we plant a garden of truth, love, encouragement, inspiration and the joy that creates a place for capacity to be embraced.

Is your life planted as a garden growing the way you visualize it to?

What you inspire is what you desire.

Who you inspire is who you created.

When you inspire is the beauty of choice.

How often you inspire is the capacity it takes.

To build the capacity to give more continues with the capacity to receive more and the journey to capacity is the willingness to learn and experience more.

Build the capacity for more, learn, listen, receive, give, feel and believe.


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