Laugh and Smile


 Kerri Elizabeth

Send a smile, create a laugh.

Leave a hug and get one back.

Kiss a cheek, hug someone, and laugh until you come undone.

Breathe in joy; breathe out love, laughter and smiles make life seriously fun.

The energy you give is a bonus in life for someone.

The gift of love and life you have is multiplied with laughter shed.

Giggle power carries a powerful punch; it fills your belly, tightens the core, and leaves fuel for more.

Laughter, giggling, smiling and hugging, they all give life to anyone receiving.

Exchanging the power of all these things creates love revolving and inspiring heartstrings.

When heartstrings play music there is no limit to the creating of life in every minute.

Keep the music playing, keep the beat inside going, let the song be music to your ears; it’s all of this together that keeps your body dancing through the years.

Sometimes you just have to keep it simple, laugh and smile and hug it out, leave a kiss on the cheek to make it complete.

Stand up, stand tall, let go and let love be part of it all.

There will be reminders in each day that every day is different and that every day carries an opportunity again.

If a resistant to a situation happens because you don’t want it twice, the solution is to take some good advice.

 What if taking a breath and reflecting on a way to make what you don’t want go away is not the answer at all?

 It’s the simple way you just laugh and smile and let go that allows the response to lovingly flow.

It’s in the different way we perceive and respond that gives us a chance to receive what went right not wrong.

What is wrong is really right when we perceive it in a different light.

It’s an opportunity to grow, so allow it and then let it go.

Thank you for the great advice and accepting the loving invite, fire in my sky!!

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