As water reflects the face, it does not leave out the beauty of  what is inside to embrace.

Kerri Elizabeth


The Birds are singing the sun is up; the sky is the clearest blue.

The flowers are blooming; the aroma of the air is brisk and fresh too.

The rain came and washed the dust away, it cleaned the air, the leaves on every tree, the streets the houses and the dew on the grass are sparkling with happiness.

A rain drop can sit so still on a flower pedal and relax and take in the sun, reflecting the beauty around it, it comes from the center of each one.

Looking into the drop you can see your own reflection, smaller than the reflection on a lake but amazing it still shows the entire beauty of your face.

A blade of grass can hold more than its weight in water and stand tall inviting each drop into its veins to give it the life it needs to grow.

Then the sunshine gives it abundant energy to show.

In the growth of a tree, the circles inside tell the life span its had, each circle represents a year of seasons in growth and the circle becomes larger and it encompasses the most.

With each year and season that passes, with each raindrop and ray of sunshine our spirits grow stronger, our wisdom is wiser, our love is larger, our capacity is deeper, our experiences appreciated, our gratitude greater.

The raindrop is now an invitation, the sunshine is now our energy, the moon is seen and not just heard about, and the wind is felt and doesn’t just move about.

The ground can be felt, the energy is dealt, don’t walk on it and leave it, stand on it and receive it.

Stop and look in a flower, understand the greatness in its power.

What if we saw our life as a reflection from a raindrop, the drop doesn’t pick and choose a part of you to show, it loves the entire reflection and allows it all to flow.

Accept every part of you, love the inside and out, it all reflects together in the drops of the season’s weather.

Enjoy every season, they all will be different, they will challenge you, grow you, hold you, shake you, love you, release you, kiss you and embrace you.

Your strength is your ability to hold more water than your own weight in gold; your courage is to know that water is there to help you grow and worth more than anything sold.

You are going to experience pain, you’re going to feel a setback, you’re going to laugh and play, you’re going to smile and cry, you’re going to love and leave; you’re going to live and breathe, you’re going to feel new things, you’re going to retreat and see, you’re going to have moment that some of us title as all of these things.

Let them be an honor, let them be your ease, let them be the comfort of knowing your experiencing life one step at a time with the magical moments feeling your own rythym and time.

Life isn’t about being where someone else thinks you should be, life is where you are and accepting where you have come so far.

See your reflection and reflect for others what they might not see, the love and the honor, empowerment and belief with no expectations of the speed and distance they will choose to take.

Release all that keeps you bound let the movement of life be your energy ground.

Meet me where I’m at, give me room to grow, encourage me as I go, let me give you the love I know, receive my reflection and glow, let my capacity reach new places I don’t yet know.

Let me reflect for you so you can see your beauty too.

I want to be a raindrop for each of you to see, the beauty in your reflection staring back from me.

Will you be my raindrop as well so I can be reminded of the beauty inside of me?

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