Shift into you the love that is true.

Kerri Elizabeth

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There is a shift awaiting you.

If you could see your perfect day, no limits to time or energy, what would it look like?

What if you could travel the world?

What if you could play an instrument?

Sleep a little more?

Have more energy?

Would you like to be more available to your children?

Would you like more time freedom?

Would you like to contribute more to others?

Would you like to have financial freedom?

Would you like to have healthier relationships?

Would you like to have a larger house?

Would you like to buy your parents a house?

Would you like to lose weight?

Would you like to play a sport?

Would you like to be stronger or compete in a race?

Would you like to wake up and feel this is your BEST day every day?

What if you could have all of this be your reality?

What is in your way?

Are YOU your own hurdle?

Are you willing to do what it takes to create the life your MEANT to have or will you continue to take the time you have to continue to think and never have?

What will your life’s legacy look like?

Are you willing to be uncomfortable now to be comfortable later?

Are you willing to say no so that you can say yes?

Are you willing to say yes where a no holds you back and others have to guess?

Are you willing to let go of fear and be fearless in overcoming, so you can be your best?

Are you willing to ask for help where you never have before and forgot you are blessed with love around you to help you open doors?

Are you willing to be humble so that you can learn to be bold?

Are you willing to listen so that you can hear?

Are you willing to live in passion so that passion is clear?

Are you willing to live into your highest greatness inside and out  and conquer the lie of fear?

Will you stop to thank every person that helps you to create the gift to choose?

Can you stop to thank your bank, mortgage broker, dentist, doctor and grocery store just to name a few?

Do you realize who is around you that makes your life work, the street cleaners, the electricians that keep your street lights on, the water company, the phone company, these are just a few that we don’t notice are in our view.

 Stop and say THANK YOU for everything that works together, it creates the ability for you to have freedom to create your life the way you choose to?

The only limit in your life is YOU, let go, be thankful in every detail and be true.

 Where you are currently living is the only place you can move forward from.

 Emotionally, financially and physically love this place so that you can look back and send love that it taught you to embrace a new space.

Allow yourself to exchange the energy needed to take another step forward toward your dreams, allow others to guide you, give to you, receive from you, love you, and learn from you and with you.

The greatest gift to someone you love is to know that the love you have for you is true!

To know for sure we love and believe in ourselves is truly the love that creates a path for others to love themselves.

Say thank you to someone today for the gift of loving themselves and the strength that gave you to believe in yourself.


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