Energy Exchange


Energy is your legacy!

Kerri Elizabeth

Energy exchange is priceless.

The energy you share can change a life.

The energy you show can be a light.

The energy you are can be felt without saying a word.

There is energy in the water rippling across the lakes.

There is energy in the oceans beyond what an eye can see.

There is energy in the wind that is felt across our skin.

There is energy in the earth that is constantly shifting new birth.

There is energy in the sun that gives everything life on earth.

There is energy in food that creates a healthy state of being.

There is energy that is exchanging with brilliance every moment creating you and your life’s dreams.

Who are you the question is asked?

When your physical body is gone from this space, what do you think happens to the people left in that place?

The energy you leave is the legacy you breathe.

What kind of energy do you leave when you go?

What kind of energy lights your way and what kind of energy shades your day?

What kind of energy pushes you forward?

What kind of energy holds you back?

What kind of energy makes you smile?

What kind of energy are you right now?

When something seems tough breathe out and recycle that energy into wisdom and love.

When you feel down, let that energy be found, feel it, release it and recycle it into beauty all around.

When heaviness holds you back, let that energy flow through and let it create something profound.

Energy is always moving, be the energy you want to feel, be a beautiful energy field.

Every move you make is the energy you take in to begin again.

Every moment is an opportunity to exchange and recycle energy; will you own that and invest in the funds that proof that?

Invest in your energy; the shares are up RIGHT NOW?

Invest in your energy; the interest is off the charts!

Invest in amazing energy, the returns are gifted and blessed to others in abundance, be the investor and gifter of the exchange, wow the lives that are changed.


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