Love has no hold on you, love is the letting go of what used to be the hold in you.


What is Love to you?

Love is a free flowing never ending abundance of life.

Love is grace.

Love is freedom to be you and me.

Love is an openness to receive.

Love gives us room to breathe.

Love gives us space to grow and believe.

Love never controls you, it flows in and out of you.

Love is a recycled hardship.

Love is a feeling.

Love is where we came from.

Love is fun.

Love is an action.

Love is a moment.

Love is a motion.

Love is a current.

Love is energy.

Love is a flower in bloom.

Love is you me and the moon.

Love is the first star that shines.

Love is thunder in a storm.

Love is where you are in current form.

Love is you.

Love is me.

Love is a choice to see.

Love has no hold on you, love is the letting go of the hold that used to be in you.

Love is the accepting of the truth.

Love is authentically fearlessly forgiving of your past residue and ready for the NOW to be in clear view.

Love is a gift and it’s you, just close your eyes and let the truth fuel YOU!

SUNSHINE , THUNDER and FIRE, embrace the experience and let it INSPIRE!

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