Your Place


Create in you so others can see we are a part of a kaleidoscope view.

Kerri Elizabeth

What do you see?

 How do you feel?

 Where are you going?

Have you ever thought about how far you can see?

How deep do you feel?

How far are you going?

Are you certain about knowing?

Are you open to change or is change opening you?

Are you an adventurer, spontaneous or a risk taker?

Are you happy to be in one place, living safely and securely in that space?

The world is lovingly full of different ways of seeing, feeling and believing.

The honor to share and learn through others eyes and hearts set us all in motion for the bigger part.

The bigger part is the accepting that everyone has their own heart.

Did someone hurt you at some point; do you see something different you can pinpoint?

Do you judge one hurt above another, one pain more than you are willing to uncover?

Every lesson will recycle back, how you show up for it is your fact!

Air and love, anger and sadness, disappointment and fear, joy and gladness these opportunities to grow will re-appear.

Are you open to adjusting your sight and your life, you are the solution and who to invite.

Making judgements and assumptions on someone else’s past is like riding our bikes with no pedals to grasp.

Listen and grow, learn and let go, everyone has their own place they know.

Adjust your light and remember not to compare.

This life is for all of us make room and share.

Take care of your air, your light and your space.

No one can be you, they can only share the air, the light and space that you allow to evolve through creating YOU in your place.


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