Let Go

2015-06-16 09.44.12

Let go of what was so what is has room to move into what will be.

Kerri Elizabeth

The beauty of the day, it shows up for you, do you show up too.

The sunshine is always on the way, healing power in the rays.

The rain will fall, dance in it and love it all.

The wind will blow; let it clear the air for all.

The lightning will strike, the beauty and power in its force is a reminder there are times we have to change our course.

The thunder shakes the ground, feel it all around.

Can your heart be found?

Are you listening to your inner sound?

Letting go of what was and allowing what is.

Letting go of possibility and having intention.

Letting go of assumption and allowing acceptance,

Letting go of need and allowing desire.

Letting go of what if and allowing bravery to say yes.

Letting go of what could be and making it sure to be.

Letting go of I can’t and allowing what I can.

Letting go of mistakes and allowing them to be your greatness place.

A mistake is a learning place, you learn or you grow, embrace the challenge of what you don’t know.

Letting go of hurry and enjoy the journey.

Love with your full heart.

Live with curiosity.

Experience more.

Go explore.

Be bold.

Never get old.


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