Your Heart


Dare to be consistently intentional with your heart, it’s your best part.

Kerri Elizabeth

Confidently persistent in the heart.

Growing is a consistent persistence of the daily grace you are given to live.

You get to choose the pace and the way you choose to look face to face.

Consistency in loving brings the opportunity to create love in the moments where our defense shows but love knows.

No longer does the defense hold us back now love keeps us growing with impact.

Trust in who you are.

Trust what you feel.

Shift what you think if it is not of loving appeal.

Trust a moment at a time, letting go of the old notes in your mind.

Trust in the air you breathe, letting go of anything less than what is amazing to receive.

Let it saturate every cell and build a new foundation to excel.

Take care of your heart, let everything you do be a guiding light for the love to continue in you.

Your heart is not for giving away, it’s the passion inside that delivers and shares the inspiration every day.

Who said give your heart away?

Hold your heart it’s your life.

Take care of it, it allows you to be the strength you see, giving it away will take consciousness from your way.

It is the design that keeps you moving.

It is the design that leads your thinking.

It is the design that allows the doing.

It is  the design that allows you to love to new depths.

It is what blesses you to be able to connect.

It’s yours keep it and nurture it.

It’s yours feed it and water it.

It’s yours love it and lead it.

It’s yours to share and change.

It’s yours to decide to pair it.

It’s yours to decide to dare it.

It’s yours to open or close it.

It’s yours every day so be respectful and true it is the best part of you.


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