One Step At A Time


One step at a time is the journey time.

Kerri Elizabeth

Every step in your journey helps create the beauty in the boldness of creating your life in color.

Every step in your journey takes precise attention and gratefulness to others.

Create color in all you do.

Every experience is a color painted on you.

How do you want your life to be painted, will it be truly what you wanted too?

Will the painting include YOU?

Will it include the dreams you had and the desires fulfilled?

Will you look at the staircase from afar and know you kept going and nothing was too far.

Will you have stairs that have no color?

Will you have stairs you left behind?

Will you run out of paint for the final climb?

The staircase is as long and high as you choose.

The steps can be made as you continue to improve.

Take each step and let go, breathe in the experience while letting go.

Grab your paintbrush of life and paint a new color somewhere nice.

Paint one step every day in a precise consistent way.

Then the day will come when one step is simply done and two or more adds more fun.

The consistency it takes to create that vision is a staircase you leave behind as your legacy for others to find.

Create the painting with pure love, be authentically excited about the picture you will start to see.


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