Aware In Your Moment

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Intentionally living every moment!

Kerri Elizabeth

A river runs briskly through my hair.

My ears are under water, the sound of the earth rumbles through my body.

I lift my head out of the water and crickets are singing and birds are alive.

The sunshine is radiating joy and heat  encompassing my entire body, mind and spirit.

I lay down flat trusting the water and let go, my arms go limp, my hands lay calmly open and my legs start to float.

My body is submerged in the safety of nature; I can hear a language only heard when you fully let go.

The intentional sounds of nature






How is that when my ears are under water the sounds are so loud?

How is that I can hear my hair moving, I’m so still and the water moves my locks from side to side as if it were waving to the sand.

I can hear a foot-step and a splash like a boulder was falling down a mountain top, the contrast in sound under the water and above the water is mind blowing.

The intensity of the lesson and feelings of the river invite me intimately in and I let go, I trust the flow to hear the rumbling go.

Those sounds are always there, gifted to me when I am aware.

Under the water I can hear my heartbeat; the calmness of this place cradles me in a safe embrace.

I feel taken care of, protected, safe and secure and I have full trust in the moment here.

I lift my head and the world changes, the sounds so differently defined, the contrast of noise is like culture shock to my mind.

What are you submerging your heart, your mind and your spirit into?

The reality of pure love and life is nature’s ground, the addition to life is people, jobs and technology all around.

Submerge yourself in the foundation that gives you life.

Love all the additions, nurture them, learn about them encourage them and appreciate them the contrast is pure art.

Awareness sets you apart from a stress that weighs on your heart.

Remember what holds you and your toys, your children, your home and your noise.

Love the foundation that keeps you alive, hear the noise under and above when submerged in your life.

What do you feel and see when you submerge your awareness in the life you presently lead?

Aware in the moment!

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