A bike appears it’s not mine, but it invites my curiosity to journey reciprocity.

This bike was made specifically for adventure and movement, it offers the opportunity of joy, freedom, exploration, healing and believing.

This bike has detoured miles with me now, receiving mountains, rivers and experiencing the heat of over 100 degrees for hours and hours.

This bike has felt my tears, it has my feet prints, my handprints, it knows my cadence.

When my legs push on those pedals I can feel my feet push so hard it radiates power through my body from the tips of my fingers to the tips of my toes.

It is the blood flow and mind flow, the mindful life glow that urges me to step harder, to breathe more, to feel the power at that moment.

All that matters at the moment is the connection between my heart and mind and the power I put into my two soles and behind.

This bike is a vehicle to the destiny I have been preparing my whole life for.

 The vehicle that quietly without expectation gifted me a path to another step in my life.

No defense or offense, it has no feeling, no agenda, no expectation just invitation to ride it all out.

There is freedom to go fast or slow, to use power or carry me when I want to coast and trust the flow.

Passion from head to toe, it takes me where I want to go, it found me when I didn’t even know.

How did a bike that is not my own give me something I have never known?

The builder of this bike intentionally built it for us to ride.

The inventor of this bike wanted more freedom inside.

This invention was built with purpose to make a dream come alive.

The owner of this bike you see purchased a gift he had no idea he would receive.

However the inventor of this bike knew it would touch more than a few.

It started with a thought.

It created an action.

It gifted a reaction.

It inspired traction.

Believe in your thought.

Create an action that will draw a reaction.

Be mindful of the attraction.

Be intentional with interaction.

I didn’t know that someone else’s bike, inspired by someone else’s dream would give me the most intentional insight into my destiny midstream.

Bask in the beauty of your intention.

Fuel it with an invention.

Let love be the extension.


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