Processing A Masterpiece


The process is a part of building a masterpiece, don’t interrupt the divine organization of thought.

Kerri Elizabeth

The process of experiences and moments lived.

Bring wisdom and love to know what we have to give.

Often the process seems mighty tough.

The road we paved may have been a bit rough.

The road behind you may be the brightest road you know.

 What remains ahead of you needs room to grow.

The process of our past can get tangled and caught.

How will you carry the past in thought?

What are your dreams and your intentions for today?

What are your dreams and your desires for a new day?

Our past experiences can be good and bad.

They can look extremely happy or even sad.

What are you carrying with you today that can be left behind for a new day to make way?

The experiences of our past can be re-written as you go.

The perspective of an experience changes as we grow.

Rewrite your story and create a new path for healing and love to flow from the past.

Often the past is a place we have created an idea of what we chose to see.

When we wake up and learn and live in today, we can create a place to let it go free.

Loving your past and every experience is giving your present and future a better place to be.

Rewriting your story with love for yourself lets the love from the past flow to others as well.

Listen to the words that others say, feel the heartbeat along the way.

The heart beats to the pace of the words; it carries our feelings that need to be heard.

Be calm and still and hear every word, let go and give space so others can be heard.

When you’re heard with intention, your value goes up, you’re able to share and work through so much.

Process and love it’s done in so many ways, how do you process and want to be loved?

How you hear others is how you hear YOU, so listen and learn and put value in listening to your heart too.


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