Your House

It is not uncommon for people to wait their whole life to start living.

 Eckhart Tolle



 Searching and searching for the dream place.

 Persistence and consistence showed the way to the space.

 There was dust and dirt and floors to remove, insight was about to be the newly improved.

 The walls had layers of stories inside, took days and days to finally decide.

 It had what it needed now, the space inside, for creation and feeling to coincide.

 No water, no shower, no kitchen to cook, it was being remodeled with a new look.

 The story is that this awesome place became a frame and a security place.

 Learning to live completely without never brought any doubt.

 Hope never left, the decision to fail was never a possibility to prevail.

 What happens later outside that space was a lesson that can never be replaced.

 The house was the body it learned to live small; the mind was the biggest storm of it all.

 The soul never let the dreams go, carrying on with a clear glow.

 Has a stormed torn up the inside of your space, but the memory has become what you truly embrace?

 Inside the house are guilt and shame and a constant reminder of the pain.

 Confusion of the storm set in and you decided to stay within.

 Standing your ground in a torn up place, life has become a smaller place.

 Rebuild on new ground, get out of that space, you’re allowed to live life with true grace.

 Let go of the house you were raised in for years and take the sentimental tears.

 Let the broken pieces get swept away, it’s time to live another day.

 Have you become best friends with fear, and never realized it’s really you drawing it near?

 Build your new house where nothing is fear, conquer the possibilities so near.

 I look forward to seeing your new place; I know it show the glow on your face.

 Here is my sunshine for today, shine on for a brand new day!

Pen and Paper

Pause, breathe, cry if you must, BUT KEEP GOING!

This morning I had my blog all done, excited and ready, it was full of character and fun.

I wrote it all out in Microsoft Word, I saved it and saved it without concern.

I went to copy and paste it to here and the only thing posted brought out a tear.

I called my best friend for his help, he searched my computer for what was dealt.

He signed on to my computer from his house, with a simple click of his mouse.

Don’t ask me how he does that, I leave it to him.

Thank goodness for friends that have learned what I don’t even want to begin.

As he was searching the reality became true, the file was corrupted and written in blue.

I decided I was experiencing something to say that maybe would change someone else’s day.

 There will be challenges and changes, in the way you handle it will be the exchanges.

Turn the problem into a solution, don’t let it be your absolution.

Here is your sunshine for today, use pen and paper, ok!

Sunshine she’s here, you can take a break!


Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.

                                                                                          Dr. Seuss

Imagine the smile on your face, until it’s securely in place.

Imagine your heart beating stable and calm; allow it out of the state of alarm.

Imagine the sun in a deep blue sky with visions of the distance you could fly.

Imagine your health at its very best, every thought is to invest.

Imagine and dance with the freedom to see exactly what you want to be.

Imagine the life you want to live, look back and forgive.

Imagine your finances abundantly grown, bills are paid and you’re in a debt free zone.

Imagine your life lived your way and giving was in every day.

Do you wake up and feel alive or are you still living in compromise?

Imagine what your best day would hold, write it and plan it and be bold.

See it, believe it, and take steps to achieve it.

Sounds easy you say…. but…… my day……….I can’t……later…..after……I’m scared….. My life is different….I’m stuck….when he does…when she does….I have to…..I need to……it’s not possible….. what I’m doing is good enough….she said……he said……I’m broke……My foot hurts…my head hurts….I’m sad…I’m not able…..I can’t see that……when I grew up…..I did this…I did that…. I feel bad… I feel guilty…. I don’t deserve…I can’t move on… belief is gone……he hurt me…..she hurt me….I lost this…..I lost that….my heart is broken….

What if all it took was to imagine a change and direct your thoughts to re-arrange, the moments and past that hold you back and you set them on a different track.

What if that track went a different route, take the time and try it out!

This is what it might be about…..yes….it’s a new day….I can… I will….now….I did it….my life is now I want to live it….I’m free…..possibilities are within me…I want more….. I deserve more…. I am more……I can see it… I believe it….that was before….. this is now…I forgave it….I repaid it….I feel awesome….the hurt is gone….I have room for more….I have abundance right now….I can give…I can receive…I’m brave….I’m not afraid….I can love…. I can be loved….my heart is healthy….. I allow healing ….I am healed….I have energy….

Shining sunshine on your thoughts today!

Greatness is in the Thank You

“Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else.”
Judy Garland

Greatness is you, it’s in the blinking of your eyes and the sound of your voice.

Thank you for my greatness.

Greatness is you; it’s the trillions of cells you’re made out of.

 Thank you for my greatness.

Greatness is in the way your body is created to hold all you are.

Thank you for my greatness.

Greatness is in your face to express, it’s in the way we move.

Thank you for my greatness.

Greatness is your skin to protect your organs that work together to give us life.

Thank you for my greatness.

Greatness is in our ability to see, with or without eyes.

Thank you for my greatness.

Greatness is in the pounding of our heart when we want something and our mind is unsure but our heart speaks loud and clear.

Thank you for my greatness.

Greatness is in our abilities.

Thank you for my greatness.

Greatness is in our purpose, our intention and our presence.

Thank you for my greatness.

Greatness is in the sparkle in our eyes, greatness is our smile.

Thank you for my greatness.

Greatness is in our fingers and hands, feet and toes.

Thank you for my greatness.

Greatness is in the way we fall asleep so that our bodies can rest and renew, it’s in the way we wake up and feel brand new.

Thank you for my greatness.

Greatness is in the way we hear with or without sound.

Thank you for my greatness.

Greatness is in you and the way you lend a helping hand.

Thank you for my greatness.

Greatness is the way you give love and receive love.

Thank you for my greatness.

Greatness is YOU!

Greatness is you, be greatness, give greatness, allow greatness, think about greatness.

No one can take your greatness, but greatness allows you the choice live it..

Greatness is there are you?

Give and Take

Nothing will work unless you do.

                                                                                      Maya Angelou

Emotionally overwhelmed with the moment in time, anxiety and air didn’t align.

As she looked across the room her daughter was there, a frantic connection they couldn’t bare.

They agreed to sit down to tackle some thoughts, then in a flash the love felt lost.

They sat for hours searching for more,

and agreed together not to keep score.

There were tears in both their eyes,

it was time to sit down and compromise.

The struggle for love was so intense,  hearts were clearly in only defense.

“What is my favorite color”, she asks?

 Without time to respond, she says,” you have never even asked”.

We are given moments in life to achieve, and often they are lost because we don’t believe.

It was only the two of them healing their pain and what happened next was a complete life change.

 Six hours later we had made a vow, to listen to love and to be in the now.

The breath that was given was taken away, there was no more oxygen or heartbeat to stay.

One never got up from that chair , the others experience seemed too much to bare.

She saw her mother die on the floor,

 a moment of panic brought her to want more.

She watched the pain take her mother away, now tables are turned and she’s gone today.

She made many choices after that day,

that has taken her so very far away.

Two different people in the same story,

but completely different versions, only one saw glory.

One saw light and no pain, the other felt tears lead by her fears.

One saw  life in a movie form, the other in shock and suddenly torn.

One took a journey to another place,

the other watched her mother’s still face.

The rest is a journey of life and love ,chapters and chapters sent from above.

There are seasons and trials and heartaches and tears,

there are smiles and hugs and kisses for years.

The seasons will pass, they go all too fast.

Let go of the winter, the storms and rain,

or you’ll miss the sunshine after the pain.

Friends are Forever

   “In the words and hand you lend, a lifetime of heart extend.”

-Kerri Elizabeth

In the glow of your smile and the sparkle in your eyes,

in the voice of approval that helps you decide.

In the arm that extends and the

heart that will share, I’m so grateful for the time your there.

There are times your voice reaches out with despair,

to me this means it’s my time to care.

-Kerri Elizabeth

A friend is a person who never loses sight of who you are in fight or flight.

A friend gives you their opinion without their decision.

A friend is selfless, they don’t blame or put shame.

A friend is a believer and a cheerleader of heart.

A friend can see your inner voice and show you clearly what sets you apart.

A friend sees in you what hasn’t been done, and through their eyes hope has begun.

A friend gives you a hug that is not defensive or far.

 A friend is purposeful and their intention is merciful.

There is no time lapse in friendship, no distance too far, a friend is forever, our personal rock star.

Be to yourself the friendship you aspire,

look in the mirror and believe in what you desire.

That what you see is your friend forever so make a promise you’ll always get through together.

Here is some sunshine  to the heart and your mind ,be patient and loving

and don’t leave you behind.


Dance and then Dance More

“Dance like nobody’s watching; love like you’ve never been hurt.

Sing like nobody’s listening; live like it’s heaven on earth.”

-Mark Twain

The music is so loud the ground vibrates, my feet start to move to the vibration, my hips take off and my arms swing my body into action.

There Is no worry to the direction, no resistance to the song.

Only the reflection in the window shows me I am truly there.

The vision started young, the dream never died, the desire deep inside.

When the dream came alive, a dancer, a  dance teacher, a studio and my dream, they all arrived as a team.

Lessons, dance shoes, lights and action.

A strong dancing leader whips me from side to side as if

the music had total control.

My mind is lost in the freedom of movement, I am in complete balance with the moment and energy.

No worries exist.

I feel the breeze from the movements brush my face.

Sweat rolls down my back and I can no longer feel my feet.

My smile has been locked on for hours, never fading even when the music fades.

The movement, moment and feeling last forever, I feed it, fuel it, remember it and strive to be with it even when I’m still.

I’m free, I feel, I breathe, I know.

Never give up, keep dancing!

Seeking and Never Finding

He who comes to do good knocks at the gate; he who loves finds the gate open.

Rabindranath Tagore

Do you seek love and never find it?

People who can respond and receive love on a regular basis are the people who never lose sight

of the abundant source they draw from.

We are love and when we accept that and

allow that, we receive it.

Finding love, being in love and wanting to be loved is what we all want.

Seeking and never finding happens when we look outside of love.

You won’t see what’s in front of you if you are always looking over the horizon.

Be cheerful when life is difficult, patient when others are impatient, and loving when others respond other than loving.

Love is you, you were born out of love, a miracle you are, you don’t have to seek it,

when you accept you are love then love will always be there.

I read this today, love is what’s left over when falling in love fades away because love is an endless source.

Ask a child what love looks like and there you will see


Love is in the little things we give, our last bite of food, holding hands, smiling,

listening as if the person you hear is all that exists, eating good food, allowing healing, crying, laughing

sharing, caring, giving, understanding, compassion, empathy, encouragement and so much more.

Love is in the flow of the river, the ocean, the wind, the rain, the sandy beaches.

Love is when you see your child smile at you.

Love is when you give unexpectedly and without expectation.

Love is selfless and never keeps score.

Love is when the sun shines on you.

Love is always true or it’s not love at all.

Don’t seek love, be love.

Meditate or Debate

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

 Oliver Wendell Holmes

A bonfire in the night, burning at its highest and hottest.

With just the right piece of wood added, it goes to heights seemingly endless.

I remember as a child sitting too close to the hot rocks surrounding the fire and melting the soles of my shoes.

I would fixate on the flames and heat so deeply that I didn’t blink for minutes it seemed.

 I would literally disappear

into the intense feeling of the heat that radiated through me.

I was meditating at the time and

I had no idea.

The debate inside feels somewhat equivalent to me at times.

 My experience in moving from the debate to meditate

depends on the information you throw on the flames.

Are you enjoying and feeling the flames as a spectator and monitoring the fire, or have you stepped in the

fire and stopped monitoring the flames.

You can skyrocket an emotion, memory or moment to last

as long as you choose it to.

You can feed the fire, or you can monitor the fire.

You can stroke it, move it, sit by it, get burned by it,

enjoy it, reflect on it, feel it, talk to it , love it , leave it

or carefully and with caution you can allow it to cool down

then turn to ash and allow it to be part of the new soil.

Enjoy the new growth that is abundantly waiting.

Its a new day allow Sunshine in!

In your head or in your heart?

By believing passionately in something that still does not exist,

we create it.

The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.

-Nikos Kazantzakis

Until recently (as in today) I have been told  I am all about thinking from the heart.

Today I was told to get out of my head and into my heart.

I  just got back from the gym, I was pumped and ready for my day.

I had a coaching call in one hour

and I was going to take a shower and silence my workout energy and be centered.

So, I was thinking this in my head anyways.

Then I looked at my phone and a message came in and said, our meeting is in 7 minutes.

Who made the timing mistake, I thought to myself?

Did it really matter?

It wasn’t me, it was a world class coach.

We all make mistakes.

What I learned next and more importantly was this, his ability to acknowledge his mistake and

his calm reaction and ability to move on to what mattered.

 I said,” Let me hear it coach, whats next for me?”

“I have my vision for two years done, I have my schedule written and on track, I have

this, that and the other thing done.”

RIGHT then I was interrupted, stopped in my tracks and immediately redirected,

“Wait, stop, you need to slow

down and breathe.”


Oh yes, the very act I have been practicing daily.

Slow down, take time to be and take time to breathe.

The next words he said were pivotal,

“get out of your head and into your heart.”


I said to myself in my defensive self talk?

I was completely out of my heart and into my head and didn’t even realize it.

It took me  about 10  minutes of meditation and guidance to get into my heart and out of my head.

My inner dialogue had taken over and started to defend itself with,

“I just got done working out”, “the call came an hour early I wasn’t ready”, blah blah blah.

I stopped that false self talk in my tracks, and this is what I made a decision to say to myself in seconds,

” your in this to win this”,

“listen to direction”,


someone to care for you and allow yourself to receive”.

“Top Performers receive Top Performer guidance.”

As soon as I allowed that, his response was exactly what took me to the next level.

He said,” your safe with me.”


Once I was in my heart again and felt safe, the magic happened, calmness, love, acceptance, peace and healing.

He then said to me, “Its time to heal”,

I kept my eyes closed but those words drilled into my heart to the depth of my core.

It followed with emotion and tears I can’t explain, there were no specifics surrounding the tears,

just that they wanted to be there and I needed to allow it.

Our head can make decision just as well as our heart, however the heart

knows exactly where you want to be.

We can all get stuck in our head ,when we direct back to the heart, it all becomes clear again.

Breathe, it’ll take you there!

Sending a piece of my heart your way!