Dear Hero


Decide your thoughts and your thoughts will create feelings and your feelings will create you.

Kerri Elizabeth

Letting go of what I can not change and making room for growth.

I no longer miss you, my child, I realize you’re a part of me and your never gone.

I no longer mourn for you, I have let go of the emotional control I have held onto thinking it would bring you back the way I want you, instead you will arrive the way you choose to.

I decided to change me and my own thinking, I decided to let go of the control that keeps me emotionally stuck and enables you to grow to be your best self.

I no longer worry about you because I believe you have the strength to make the decisions you want in your life and trust you will tap into that.

I no longer hurt for you, my beautiful child; I accept you’re exactly where you need to be to go where you want to go.

I no longer desire to convince you I love you, I will wait for you to learn to receive the abundance when you’re ready.

I no longer feel bad for myself or you, I am grateful for every minute of your life I have been able to share with you.

I no longer cry in pain, I cry for the joyous breakthrough to allow you to carry your own pain and choose your own path and love you no matter what that is for you.

I no longer see and hear the sickness of drugs, I see and hear your heart and it will bring us together again someday on earth or in heaven.

I no longer need you, needing means lack of, you are in me and a part of me and I won’t breathe without those parts, they are me.

I no longer miss you, my child, your spirit chooses your path and I have let go to save my own spirit for the day I am blessed to hug and kiss you again.

You will arrive one day and you will see only love and forgiveness and acceptance that are the true reflection of yourself.

From the lessons of four children to a mother, some circumstances are out of our control but all thoughts we are in control of.

From one child in a circumstance of chance and not choice and another in a circumstance of choice, not chance, each chooses the thoughts and healing direction of their path, each holds heroic warrior strength and each will use it when they choose to, it is there for the taking.

As a mother, my strength is to love them through their growth and never ever stop, my lesson is to let go and be present in love while they learn their way.


Keep Your Eyes On The Light

2015-06-21 16.59.25

Take in the light and be aware of  any darkness that may sneak in, the light is your armour keep it within.

Kerri Elizabeth

Every moment matters.

Yes every moment matters.

Do not miss this moment worrying about a moment that hasn’t happened yet.

Every moment you worry about what’s ahead you lose what is now.

Take in every moment and what is in it.

Are you thinking about what you are doing or what someone else is doing?

Are you taking in what serves your healing and your heart?

Are you searching for how to change someone else’s heart, or staying present in your part?

Are you reaching for a solution that is in the hands of someone else forgetting we can only change ourselves?

Our thoughts are purely our own, no matter what happens to us, the thoughts we have come from within us.

Are you taking on your own pain or have you been submerged in another’s pain and can’t understand why it still remains?

When we take on another’s pain we can’t change it, it’s only pain we can let go of, it didn’t belong to us when we decided to own it.

The same with joy and happiness, with giggles and laughs and hugs attached, it’s contagious and we take it on, we own it and it gives us the strength to go on.

We have to keep the flow of greatness coming in; it’s the energy that builds us within.

What is most important is to learn to let go where we have no control.

To let in what helps us grow.


Missing a Heartbeat

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Missing another heartbeat up close, speaks volumes to the connection of love and hope.

Kerri Elizabeth

Missing a heartbeat up close.

Missing a touch, a talk, a warm embrace.

Missing them in your space.

Missing that place.

In this present moment I reflect on times that centered me and protected me and gave me hope.

Happiness is part of me, it isn’t something I look for, it is simply part of what I live for.

Reflecting on the beauty of a person or place, a moment to remember a warm embrace is a blessing you brought into your space.

No matter what the circumstance is, missing someone comes from within.

Like happiness, missing someone becomes part of you ,when they impact your life and your heart too.

Even when you might not see them in a day or hear their voice in the moment you have something to say, they are with you all the way.

Have you ever missed someone that was next to you and their pain also became part of you?

Letting go of carrying another’s pain gives you strength to remain strong in their name.

Loving and not letting go of someone else’s pain becomes a gift you gain.

When you can love someone through their pain and not let the pain become part of you, then the healing becomes about both of you.

When you own the pain of someone else, they then have to experience it in more than themselves.

Let go of another’s pain and love them instead where they are and give them a hand and share your heart so that healing can be in two hearts.

Sunshine is a promise, even when the sun goes down and darkness is found, the sunrise will come, it’s a promise we won.


The Beat Is


When the heart knows gratitude will be the beat!

Kerri Elizabeth

Finding the heart balance.

The heart speaks the truth the mind lets loose.

 If you listen to the heart there is nothing that can tear you apart.

Your heart feels the stress and shows you when to rest.

Your heart is your beat, it tells you where to move your feet.

Your heart is your compass to present purpose and comfort.

Follow the way your heart leads you and love in the way your heart needs you.

Your heart calls you in to win; can you listen and feel the beat again?

Listen quietly to the beat within; cleanse your heart, your soul, your mind.

Give your body time to rest, let your heart beat be at its best.

Cry if that’s what you need, and listen to the call of where your heart leads.

Don’t get stuck in a feeling that keeps you trapped from believing.

Believe in the heart and let it do its part!

Natures Trance


Natures trance is there for you, take it in and enjoy it too, the beauty of nature’s face is looking back at you.

Kerri Elizabeth

Waking up to the crisp morning air, summer is gone and fall is near.

Childhood memories are everywhere, the woods, the lakes, the rivers, the snakes, the deer, the bears and the mountain air.

The crispy fall breeze is also filled with my young adventurous childhood thrills.

The crackle of a fire is part of my heart’s desire; my toes get closer to the warmth of the woodstoves heat I admire.

Looking deep into the colorful flames the movement of the fire sets me into a trance of my childhood past.

I remember running through the woods every twig crackling under me, hearing the crinkle of the leaves and pulling up my sleeves.

I can also see my mom drinking coffee to the whisper of the wind, listening in her mind to the rivers voice within.

She would lose herself in time, I could see it on her face, as a child I didn’t know it was nature’s trance that kept her safe.

I slowly lose myself now inside nature’s trance too, just as I saw my mother’s eyes leaving at a glance in the feeling she knew.

Nature saves my mother’s soul and now as I softly disappear to the beauty of the morning air, I can feel the healing of my mother’s heart and the years I thought we grew apart.

Really what was happening in those years we were apart, was truly the wisdom we gained to love each other with a more compassionate heart.

Going inside and leaving fear and seeing my life through my mother’s tears, rewrites the moments I was sure she had disappeared.

Nature’s trance is part of me, a way, a face, a feeling, a place, a childhood friend, chopping wood and a fire leaving my life more understood.

I can thank you mom for so much more, thank you for raising me with the great outdoors.


The great outdoors has lead me now to the next part of my life.

Feeling the Beat

2013-05-18 17.29.48

When you feel the beat and it continues to repeat, dance to the sound of your heartbeat.

Kerri Elizabeth

When your heart beats and your mind repeats.

When the presence of a feeling reveals an inner appealing.

When your soul blooms and your mind is in tune and your heart beats to the light of the moon.

When your body feels, what your heart reveals and your mind becomes unconcealed.

When your heart opens and you realize your new and choices are in front of you, let go and receive what’s been given to you.

When you’re asked a question and inside of you the sign says, “stop, I have never revealed that part to you”, take a look, listen in and be curious what will be given within.

Then when you get the chance to have someone look into you and see more than you do, listen in and begin the process of finding out how much love is in you.

When the stars align and they sparkle all the time and they shoot across the sky, be still for a moment while they reveal, the presence of this inner appeal.

There is only one thing that can’t be separated and that is the space inside me and you.

As the clutter is cleared and the heart is revealed that space that can’t be separated is where love is full filled.

Stay in this place and remind yourself that all of this is that inner appeal.

Meet me outside to breathe the mountain air.

 Meet me outside where we become more aware.

 Meet me outside to look at the stars.

 Meet me outside where the story comes alive.

See you in the SUNSHINE!

Profound is found

living outloud

Let the life of today be your now and let the past not hold you down and all your tomorrows to be profound.

Kerri Elizabeth

Joy in the day and the moment and the feelings stay.

Letting go of the, I can’t’s, I don’t’s and I won’t’s.

I am letting go so I can receive, give, love and live.

A spontaneous moment I’m driven to chance, I’m risking the beauty in the possibility of the dance.

You make a difference to me, your adventure moves me, and nature come into me.

The vibration of sound rages through me so profoundly it goes deep down and I feel it consume me.

Resistance isn’t strong enough to hold back the feeling and keep me trapped in what life I’m not revealing.

The mountain, the waterfall, the drive, the exchange of energy shows its place in time.

The forest shows its branches, the trees will grow back, the growth shows the scars from fires and nature’s impact.

The wind blows the leaves from one side to the other, the road twists and turns as they flow together.

A lifetime of winds and gusting storms, they have shown their place again and again, the rains and the heat of the weather seem to leave less space for one

Does the forest stop growing and say no more when life rushes through and has raged with storms?

Holding on to your roots, coming back to the start, where were you planted and are you healed from that part?

Are you moved through life under the moon, do you enjoy the stars and can you listen and learn?

Can you hear the winds come through today or are you fixed on the past storms that came through another day?

Can you be present in today and let go of how it happened long ago?

Can you be in today, can you get back to the moment when you go away?

Be present in the now and be careful your moment is not about what happened before with someone or somehow.

Be Aware of your Passages


The passages of our life are truly defined, by the times we continue to push the capacity in that direction and our compass starts to lead us without conscious intention.

Kerri Elizabeth

Silent in a moment

 Be silent for a moment and able to listen inside.

What do you hear and what is drawing you near?

Be silent for a moment and listen to your heartbeat.

Gratitude moving through every breath is a reminder to let go of what keeps us from our best.

Breathe in this beautifully gifted moment being intentional in your thoughts.

 Be mindful in the filling of only love into your lungs, the only choice then is for love to be released to everyone.

Open the heart chambers to receive the flow that allows us to live with what creates us to grow.

Let the passage of this moment be conscious and true, in every moment we have the choice to create the passages of our mind that only lead to a ray of sunshine.

The passages and roads you go down the most will eventually create inside you the habits and thoughts that lead you.

Be mindful in where your life’s passages lead, where the capacity is stretched and if the air flowing is clean.

When you’re filled inside with animosity and stress, there is no room for exchanging or honoring anyone with your best.

Let go of what doesn’t serve your soul, breathe out the resentments, the angry inside, let go of shame and blame that took hold.

Give into this moment a reminder to you, that in every moment when conscious and true, your reaction will be what you want it to.

Your actions and reactions need air to move, pay close attention to how that exchange feels to you.

Sunshine is always on the horizon, it’s consistent and true.

When creating a passage inside of you, follow the path that leads to the best in you.

A Shift In The Wind


A shift in the wind gives us choices to make.

Kerri Elizabeth

When the wind blows harder the resistance and or excitement to go out in it takes its place.

I am now moved to decide, do I go or do I stay within?

When the wind blows I am allowed a decision to make.

When the wind blows I have a feeling that is no mistake.

When the wind blows I have choices I can take.

I can create a story out of what I see in its wake.

I can stand in it and feel the wind on my face.

I can resist it and fall into it and see if it will holds me up or I fall on my face.

I can trust it and believe its presence has a purpose and place.

I can believe it can be bottled up and sent off, I can sell it and make a profit on top.

Whether you believe it or buy it or share it or feel it, prove it, live it, love it, compare it, it is only inside you how personal it is and no one can decide for you that place you live in.

The evolution of my growing has been best served in knowing that when I remember who I am, I am moved to decide, do I go or do I stay within?

The flicker inside of me, the wind that blows by me, the waves that crash on me, the inspiration shining around me, the light coming from me, the words that fill me, the life that leads me, the knowledge building in me, move me inside to decide, do I go or do I stay within?

Staying within the moment is my processing place, like simmering dinner or marinating a steak, like making the best slowly thought out chocolate cake.

What I won’t decide is how you will interpret the wind, how you will assimilate it within.

What I do know is I feel the wind blow and then decide, do I go or do I stay within?

I’m grateful for the love within that holds me up when the wind blows by me, the waves crash on me and I am grateful for your sharing around me and the knowledge that grounds me.

I am grateful for the opportunities that life gives me to feel a familiar wind and be reminded I have a choice to go in it or stay within, to react or respond and or repeat it differently or the same again.

I am grateful for the wind that blows around me and the choices I am served that may change me, challenge me, teach me,  and ground me.

They lead me to the very place of deciding what I can do to serve love all around me.

Sun shining rays of light that have guided me on my path, enjoy the rays that may inspire you and continue to share with me how you decide to feel the wind around you?

The Gap That Divides Us

2015-06-21 16.59.25

I learned that the gap that connects words and feelings, people and places and religion and races is the gap of division I created myself by allowing the perception of anything other than love itself.

Kerri Elizabeth 

Things I have learned.

Saying the word water does not make me wet.

Saying I can swim doesn’t mean I can swim.

Saying I can run without running does not mean I can run.

Saying I am not upset until I am not upset does not fill in the gap for me between love and being upset.

No matter what you say to me, I must feel it and let it be, to move through it as I grow is my own gap only I get to go to.

I simply have to close in the gap, it is a quiet place where I can reach higher than me.

For me, it’s God, my safe quiet place where I am held in a deep embrace, where no judgment or words have a place, where silence is my grace.

I have learned that words have a place, feeling them is each individuals dividing place.

Where a higher source can be felt and embracing that is the place where the gap is embraced.

There is no empty space between you and me; to me it is a gap that is often seen as a safety place, a division, a boundary, a protection place, a choice we have in how our own interpretation is made.

I learned that the gap between two walls is often a place where I fall.

I learned that falling into the deep embrace of exactly what fills that space is the eternal love that I can feel and saying it doesn’t make it real, I have to go in it and feel.

I don’t know what that place is for you; I just know that gap between each person and word is a place all your own you can be heard.

Sunshine on your own journey, your way, your feelings, how you choose to live, that is the gap I found forgiveness within.

I learned that if I waited for someone else to change based on what I know they did, that left the gap for me to live in a waiting hall for someone else’s choice on how they want to live.

SUNSHINE in the gap of every dividing place, it is where I learned I exist.